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412 Moyer Street, #9
Philadelphia, PA - 19125


We deconstruct and reconstruct the diverse tastes of delicious desserts from all over the world into bite size chocolate covered treats. Combining skilled chocolate preparation and decoration techniques with creative, globally-inspired flavor profiles, Cacao Chaos is committed to bringing the world to your sweet tooth!

Who We Are

Our first date was at a chocolate shop. A few months later, he surprised me by getting down on one knee at the very same place!

Cacao Chaos was born from a wish for elegant, complex and delicious sweets reflecting both our heritage AND love story at our wedding. Unable to find them, our first project in marriage has been imagining, perfecting and crafting them with our own hands.  

We are committed to creating more than just bonbons but a complete "tasting moment". Developing balanced flavor profiles with an array of rich spices, covered in the magic of crisp and glossy chocolate, adding delicate and colorful déco to each piece and hand-staining our wooden boxes with free-trade coffee, we want you as delighted with your Cacao Chaos experience as we are in making it a reality! 

To learn more about us and Cacao Chaos, please drop us a line below!

Ami & Jay

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