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412 Moyer Street, #9
Philadelphia, PA - 19125


We deconstruct and reconstruct the diverse tastes of delicious desserts from all over the world into bite size chocolate covered treats. Combining skilled chocolate preparation and decoration techniques with creative, globally-inspired flavor profiles, Cacao Chaos is committed to bringing the world to your sweet tooth!

Taste of Thandai


Welcome and step in to Cacao Chaos chocolate factory!

Taste of Thandai


Taste of Thandai

from 12.00

Served at the festival marking the commencement of the harvest season in India, Thandai is a milky drink infused with almonds, cashews, melon seeds, poppy seeds, saffron, cardamom, rose petals and black pepper. Never more than a mere taste was allowed to us as children for the frequency with which this drink was also brewed with Cannabis leaves (“bhang”). Our ode to that taste has a black pepper caramel topped with a saffron and cardamom ganache, coated in milk chocolate and topped with almonds. However, no “bhang” in our flavor profile!

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